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Exterior and Interior DIY Car Detailing Hack That You Will Love

How to Detail Your Car Yourself, Advice from an Auto Detailing Service Provider

Today, the auto detailing specialist of Mystic Detailing Hand Car Wash will focus on sharing a few DIY auto cleaning tips with you! We hope that they will help you drive a sparkling and well-maintained vehicle all year round!


  • Bird droppings are one of the worst enemies of your vehicle’s paint. They have high acidity and can cause quick corrosion if not cleaned immediately after you see them. Using soda water for this purpose is a tactic many auto detailing service specialists recommend. Its fizzy bubbles are actually the key to its cleaning success.

  • Bug remains are another paint enemy that needs to be instantly removed. They contain complex proteins which bond to the surface of your vehicle, eating into your clear coat of auto paint. If you wash your vehicle once a week, you will definitely remove them before they cause damage.

  • Baby wipes ideally clean car windows and windshields because most of them have alcohol that ensures the liquid evaporates and leaves no streaks.


  • Detailing brushes and compressed air are more than enough to help you remove the dust which has accumulated in the buttons and crevices on the dash and interior car doors.

  • Before vacuuming your carpeting, de-mat the fibers by using a stiff brush. If you do this, the dirt will remain free in your carpet instead of being stuck in its fibers, which will make it much easier to extract.

  • If your vehicle’s carpeting is stained, a foaming carpet stain remover can help you do miracles. After you saturate the stain with the cleaning solution, use a damp sponge to work on it, and let it sit for 5-10 minutes before blotting it out with a dry piece of soft cloth. Oversaturating the carpet may bring you mildew problems, so be careful with that one!

  • Cotton swabs for AC vent cleaning. The alternative which many auto detailing specialists recommend is a sponge brush dipped in a cleaning solution. It forms to the contours and works better on textured plastics.

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